SkyHigh Introduction

In 2016, the MSSEMEA Management Team brought together trusted partners and constructed an umbrella organisation, the SkyHigh Holding Group.

SkyHigh is a global organisation offering state-of-the-art, industry and international aviation laws compliant products and services. The SkyHigh Holding Group consists of aviation partners, who are well known and established in the industry, financial investors as well as a strong and highly experienced management team.

The SkyHigh team is passionate about helping companies reach their aviation ambitions and drive business growth. We offer these valuable services to aviation and investment companies as they try to navigate through a complex range of activities in this industry.

The hands-on knowledge and experience of our team includes the full range of jets, helicopters and business aircraft. From turboprops to large business jetsrotary wingremotely piloted aircraft systems and unmanned autonomous vehicles as well as remote sensing solutions, our experts have extensive hands-on experience in acquisition, sales, marketing strategy, management, flight operations, engineering, resource and informational services and maintenance.

Mission & Vision

To continue to grow a global, market leading aviation company, using up-to-date fleet and equipment with the latest technology, following industry best practices whilst offering service excellence to achieve recognition as the go to trusted aviation partner.

SkyHigh has excellent connections within the aviation industry which allows us to offer a strong portfolio of aviation products and services. Our management team have experience working as part of Boeing, Airbus, and the Bombardier management team as well as serving as C-level executives for many airlines.
As aviation enthusiasts, we keep up with the latest industry trends and have helped set standards and develop best practices worldwide which we ourselves heavily use and recommend to our partners and clients.

We take great pride in our team’s hard earned reputation of being professional, trustworthy and reliable, having integrity whilst being fair, fun and easy to work with.

The strong relationships we have built with our clients, brokers, bankers, international agents, flight managers and aircraft industry service providers over the years gives us unparalleled access to information, capital and opportunities that we can share to mutually benefit in this business.




Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Unmanned autonomous vehicles

Remote sensing solutions

Jet Fuel




  • Strategic Advice and Planning
  • Business & Operations Management
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Ground & Cabin Crew Training


  • Acquisitions / Mergers
  • Fleet Purchase
  • Negotiation


Loyalty Programs