In 2017, MSSEMEA Ltd. and UNIVERSUM INVENIO Ltd. came together to create MSSUNIV, a Joint Venture Partnership (“JVP”) specifically formulated to trade crude oil and refined petroleum products.

The MSSUNIV JVP gains breadth of benefit from the extensive MSSEMEA network, gained predominantly through their business streams in many oil producing nations, and UNIVERSUM, who are a holding company that consolidates a number of technology based activities developed by its founders and its successors.  UNIVERSUM develops its business through its strong network of subsidiary companies and high level government contacts in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, enabling it to undertake large-scale projects.

 Key Contacts:

Mr. Harj Thind
Senior Associate Partner of MSSEMEA Ltd.

Dr. Victor Stern
Managing Director of UNIVERSUM INVENIO Ltd.

MSSUNIV Office Address:
Calle Pizarro 1, PL 6 PTA 20, 46004 Valencia (Spain)