Armoured Vehicles (

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Armoured Vehicles

MSSEMEA LIMITED is a Product Procurement and Supply company with offices in Ireland and in Malta. We started in the sourcing and supply of electronic security equipment and from there we have evolved into many other commercial products.
Our products Armoured Vehicles range from dairy, frozen foods, meats, energy drinks, transportation, IT, logistics, household goods, cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, new and used trucks, cranes, wheeled loaders, forklifts, skid steers, tractors, agricultural machinery, cherry pickers, buses, 4 x 4’s, tyres, a full range of spare parts for European, American and Chinese excavators and mining machinery and a full range of security products and rainwater harvesting solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

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Armoured Vehicles Armoured Vehicles

MSSEMEA LIMITED  specialises in the Procurement and Supply of Armoured Vehicles (B4, B5, B6, B7, VR7, NIJ, STANAG armoring levels). The full range of Bullet Proof Vests, Ballistic Proof Helmets, Body Armour, Riot Shields etc.
We are interested in developing new business contacts and long term business relationships throughout the globe.

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