MSSEMEA LIMITED (Multinational Solutions Specialists, Europe, Middle East & Africa), is a product procurement specialist company with its corporate headquarters in the Republic of Malta and operating in many geographical locations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and Africa through a network of satellite offices and vested associates.

Having been involved in the procurement business for a number of years Peter G. Mortell set up MSSEMEA LIMITED, initially focusing on vehicles, the business rapidly developed and MSSEMEA LIMITED were approached by both Governments to source and supply and Corporations to represent them and their products internationally. This breadth of customer base and contacts led MSSEMEA LIMITED to create a dedicated FUEL Team with the right experience and connections for the procurement and sale of oil and gas related Products, both crude and refined.

Main Activity Areas:

  • Investment Property Opportunities
  • Joint Venture, Debt & Equity Funding
  • Green and Alternative Energy Projects
  • Oil and Gas Trade Desk
  • Supercars, Classic Cars and Yachts
  • Commercial, Private and Corporate Jets and Helicopters
  • Humanitarian Aid Supplies